Workflows & Processing

Throughout the Program, business and technical workflows must be re-examined in the context of the new software and its functionality. Many may change and the impacts to staff can be significant. The Corbeau Team not only plays a key role in re-defining these processes and workflows, but also works with these users to make it a smooth transition.

We can assist you in the following ways:
  • Feasibility Study to Evaluate Options.
  • Analysis & Assessment of Your Application.
  • Application and Data Migration.
  • Re-engineering or Re-creation of the Application.
  • Platform Architecture and Implementation.
  • Operational Support and Remote Monitoring.

  • Proven Program for Converting Financial Accounting Systems.

  • Speeds Time to Convert.

  • Tools to Convert Data.

  • Integration with Existing Systems.

  • Project Management Portal to Track Progress.

  • Improved ROI.

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